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Our business is based in Las Vegas. In San Jose, New York, we have a representative and legal counsel.

Unfortunately, we require a picture ID that has been provided by the government. For a while, we neglected to enforce this, which caused us a lot of problems. Therefore, if you need payment, text us at +1 (469) 918-0090.

Send us a text message with the deposit information.ย  Text us at +1 (214) 885-0642.

Although we are unable to provide legal advice, if you are not actively residing in one of those states at the time you play, everything should be alright.

As an agent,ย  please provide us your PIN/ Game ID/ User ID, which you made when you signed up, and we’ll make a new password for you. The password can then be changed and you can sign in. TEXT us on- +1 (214) 885-0642.

You can anytime ask any question by writing to us at +1(214) 885-0642.